Add a bit here, learn a little there

My headspace was open this Sunday morning to expanding, relearning and tweaking this embryo blog.

I’ve been writing for years, but blogging is a new experience. And new experiences are adventures!

“There is either progress or decay.
Neither is static.
So why are people so intransigent about change?”

The everchanging seashore

The everchanging seashore


2014: A year in the making

WEDNESDAY WRITERS,         Jan 2014

My evergreen writing group on SaltSpring Island meets irregularly but is always in touch, inspiring each other, sometimes critiquing and always appreciation. To start the year we offered up one of our ’91 word specials’. It looks like a fine beginning to a new year of writing for all of us. Thanks Carolyn, Mary & Gail.


Twenty-thirteen prodded me with physical and emotional changes–elevation from writer to author, obscure allergies, a return to art and retail sales, a budding relationship.

Fourteen years into the new century,2014 is neither new-age nor worn and weary. I pause on the threshold to get a sense of it: are these just numbers, or do they have portent?

I feel warmth of being, a flutter of incipient promise, subtle reverberation as a leaf unfurling.

There’s no presentiment of grand possibility, but there’s room for new experiences.

It is good.

Patricia’s 91 words

(Hershey of the Many Kisses wants to play)