Nothing brings out the armchair sports fan like the Olympics, and it is the one time that I actively reschedule my life to include as much of the TV coverage as I can. Of course I am cheering hard for Canada, and we have been nicely successful in most of the hoped for sports to date–and still less than half-way through the events.

My overall favourite spectacle is Skating, with Curling close second. Then, in a wonderful muddle, are all the other winter sports. I’m introduced to new and thrilling athleticism on snowboards, and dogged determination in cross-country skiing. Soon, in the midst of the muddle, I find myself cheering cross-culturally, inspired by the enormous heart shown by young and old. I delight that I can share the excitement from the convenience of my living room couch.

In Vancouver 2010, my daughter and I joined the throngs on Robson Street, bursting into celebratory Oh Canada! together with cheering thousands in front of the big screens, everyone riding the the palpable electricity of the events.

Today I watched the men’s Short Programme and cheered as happily for the young Japanese skater (trained by Canadian Brian Orser) as I did for our own Patrick Chan. So much talent, so many nerves. I have absolute admiration for the dedication of those coaches, families, friends, sponsors and others behind the scenes doing their part to make it all happen.


And thank you everyone from everywhere who contributes so selflessly.

Excuse me now, there is more to see!