Moving into a New Year

and I’m dusting out the corners! I have a colleague who will assist me in knocking this Blog into shape so that the great awaiting public can find me and share their ideas, adventures and stories. That’s the plan for the New Year.

Happily, 2014 is winding up in exceptional form. Early this week (Tuesday, Nov. 25th) I attended the launch of a marvelous book on which I performed the initial edit a year or two ago.

The Sea Among Us: The Amazing Strait of Georgia is a beautifully presented, 400 page reference book on every aspect of Canada’s only Inland Sea. It’s made up of comprehensive essays by top Canadian scientists with a couple of world-class journalists thrown in. In depth information on the sciences of Geology, Oceanography, Climate, Fishes, Invertebrates, Birds and Marine Mammals as well as the evolution of First Nations peoples and social and commercial development along the 220 km. Strait.

It is a runaway best-seller already. With an easy to read style and wonderful photographs as well as supporting charts and maps, it is truly attractive to anyone who has an interest in the environment, boating, or the plight of the Pacific Northwest fishery. You don’t have to be a scientist to enjoy this read.

I enjoyed working on it  with Dick Beamish, and am thrilled with the way Harbour Publishing handled the book design. I’m very pleased to be able to add it to my editing credentials!

PS Santa would love to have this book.

Check it out on or major bookstores near you.